• COVID 19 – Medical supplies assistance to Sri Lanka

  • Quiz Night and Karaoke – 10 July 2021@ 7.00pm

  • Virtual Meditation Retreat – 20-21 Mar. 2021

    Buddhist Meditation Retreat 2021 – will be conducted virtually due to prevailing pandemic outbreak- -All Are warmly Welcome to the venue.

  • Food delivery – Thank you!

    – Another successful event completed! – Nasi Goreng – Food delivery Feb. 06 2021 – Thank you.

  • WellBeing SA Food Delivery – 06 Feb. 2021

    For another social involvement………WellBeing SA – in action again.

  • Very Happy New Year 2021

    Wishing you a healthy, safe and happy new year 2021, nourishes with all aspects of WellBeing.

  • WellBeing SA Inc. Fundraiser – Foods delivery – 24 Oct. 2020

    Encouraging Engagement and Participation in Community Works……….

  • Dry Rations and Essential household items Donation – 08 Aug. 2020

    WellBeing SA – another social involvement

  • We thank YOU!

    … for a successful implementation and completion of another social beneficial project that brought huge reliefs those who were in need.

  • Starting the 2nd stage of offering vouchers

    Starting the second phase of offering Woolworths and Coles vouchers for those who in pressing situations in SA making a big diffrence in your lives.

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