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Promoting Mindfulness

To revert to the present moment. Not taking things for granted. Self-monitoring of awareness with an attitude of patience and acceptance. To promotes mindfulness meditation sessions, workshops and to assist and share techniques with other similar groups in Australia and Overseas

Charity Fundraising

Organise and conduct charity fundraising events that link to improve and sustain the quality of life of disadvantaged/disabled and left-behind communities and people


Bringing Communities together through giving back with group volunteering. Strengthening relationships both at home and within a community. Linking physical and mental health wellbeing, which will be the social and emotional wellbeing of individuals and also the communities. At the end of the day, it is the life we all have to enjoy, fulfilment of goals and a sense of connection to others that directs towards absolute well-being


New migrants help

To assist the settlement of new migrants in South Australia

Emergency help

To assist the affected people during natural disasters and disadvantaged people as well as to liaise with other environmental protection bodies in Australia and overseas

Connecting with others

To achieve the above mentioned objectives, the Association will cooperate with South Australian government, its agencies and relevant non-governmental bodies