About us

WellBeing SA Inc.

Well-being emerges from thoughts, attitudes, actions and maturity with life  experiences. More prominent types of well-beings are emotional well-being and physical well-being.

Emotional well-being  is the ability to perform stress-management techniques, develop flexibility and generate emotions which leads to satisfactory and complete feelings – a sound mind.

Physical well-being is the ability to improve the functioning of the body through healthy lifestyle with good exercises – a robust body.

To develop emotional well-being, it requires to strengthen the mindfulness, sustaining  an awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. It is living here and now, a practice that one has to develop to see things through. This leads to let go. Letting go makes a life for living.

Physical well-being is based on a healthy lifestyle with diets, exercising routines and behavioural patterns.

Both are a resultant of the dependent origination. Body and mind. Each survives the other. Good governance of the both, keeps one’s life on track.

Keeping above in mind, the WellBeing South Australia Association Incorporated was founded in 2017, as a non-for-profit organization in South Australia.

Organization’s scope mainly focuses on:
  • To promotes mindfulness meditation retreats, workshops and to assist and share techniques with other meditation groups in Australia and overseas
  • To organise and conduct mindfulness events/sessions for children, young adults and adults in conjunction with local, national and international mindfulness practitioners
  • Organise charity events and educational workshops with local and national non-for-profit organizations to improve and sustain the quality of life of the disadvantaged/disabled communities and people
  • To assist the settlement of new migrants in South Australia
  • To assist the affected people during natural disasters as well as to liaise with other environmental protection bodies in Australia and overseas
  • To achieve the above objectives mentioned, the Association will cooperate with South Australian government agencies and relevant non-governmental bodies
  • Initiate, scope, support and conduct any projects/developments that are economically feasible, socially acceptable and environmentally sound