Virtual Meditation Retreat – 20-21 Mar. 2021

Buddhist Meditation Retreat 2021 – will be conducted virtually due to prevailing pandemic outbreak- -All Are warmly Welcome to the venue.

Food delivery – Thank you!

– Another successful event completed! – Nasi Goreng – Food delivery Feb. 06 2021 – Thank you.

WellBeing SA Food Delivery – 06 Feb. 2021

For another social involvement………WellBeing SA – in action again.

Very Happy New Year 2021

Wishing you a healthy, safe and happy new year 2021, nourishes with all aspects of WellBeing.

WellBeing SA Inc. Fundraiser – Foods delivery – 24 Oct. 2020

Encouraging Engagement and Participation in Community Works……….

We thank YOU!

… for a successful implementation and completion of another social beneficial project that brought huge reliefs those who were in need.

Starting the 2nd stage of offering vouchers

Starting the second phase of offering Woolworths and Coles vouchers for those who in pressing situations in SA making a big diffrence in your lives.